Massive fire destroys many businesses in Downtown New Westminster. Could this happen in Prince George?

Above is the link to the massive fire in New Westminster this morning, October 10, 2013. Many businesses were destroyed. This has happened in down town New Westminster before. My thoughts immediately came to Prince George and what would happen here if a fire started in our down town in the middle of the night. I was down town Prince George for dinner recently and noted there are several old buildings in down town Prince George. I also noted many transient type people in and around the streets and alley ways, some of them looking like they were entering or trying to enter boarded up buildings. When is gets cold in Prince George in the winter, I imagine these buildings would be a desirable place to keep warm, maybe start a little camp fire inside to make more heat and cook some food. I could see this as a huge possibility. There are many derelict buildings in down town Prince George that many people wouldn’t miss if they burn to the ground. In some cases, some of these buildings may look better as a burnt pile of rubble as opposed to its current condition. You can applaud the businesses that are doing good things down town now. I wish there were more businesses there which would attract other businesses which would attract…um, people to go and shop. I have been down town a number of times around the 5pm-6pm mark, and you could shoot a cannon down the street because no one is there. It felt like an episode of the Walking Dead with streets bare and empty.



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